Aqua Force Compact Mobile 250

Article number: 60.00013
Product code: BAFCM250

  • Produces ca. 180 L of pure water per hour.
  • ca. 95 kg
  • Wash direct from unit
  • stainless steel hose reel (60 m)
  • Stainless steel frame 75x38x130 cm
  • Comes on solid stainless steel (caster) wheels
  • Power 230 V / 1450 W
  • Expandable to a pure water flow of 360 liters per hour!
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  • Computer installed;
  • Flowmeter for waste/brine water indication;
  • Stainless steel glycerine filled pressure gauges for front pressure and recycling pressure;
  • Front pressure pump max. 6 bar -50 L/min (800W);
  • RO main pressure pump max. 14 bar – 17 L/min (640W)
  • Quantity of pure water coming out of the water units 65% till 80%. Depending on water quality going in, flow rate and temperature of the water.
  • Unit requires 230 Volt / 16 Ampere / 1450 Watt
  • The unit has a built-in electra box. On/Off switch is on the left side of the unit and also the power cable comes out on the left side of the unit.

Additional Information

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