Yacht Drones by Baudoin Ocean Wash Systems

Be innovative, be progressive, be aware of customer needs

Baudoin Ocean Wash Systems first presented on the Monaco Yacht Show 2022 the latest technical and boat wash innovation: The Baudoin Yacht Wash Drone. A powerful drone able to wash with pure water the entire hull, most of the windows and other painted panels of your super yacht, yacht or boat.
Frequently lime free washing minimizes the problem of lime stains or stubborn salt adherence.

This pure water is supplied from a Baudoin pure water system and optional pure water tank.
Via a light weight, carbon strengthened, high pressure water hose the water is pumped up with a medium or high pressure Baudoin water pump. High pressure gives much better results with a longer hose and when the boat surface is also dirty.

This Baudoin Yacht Wash Drone has 6 strong brushless motors with efficient wings to stabilize the drones position under lower wind forces and water pressure influences. A fairly stable Wash Drone gives better wash results.
Advanced radar- an optical sensors prevent the Wash Drone to hit moore lines, an anchor chain or any boat surface.
4 strong and fast-charging 48V batteries provide per battery an estimated air and wash time of 20 to 25 minutes.

The Baudoin Yacht Wash Drone can take off from the quay or jetty, from the yacht deck or from a bigger sized wash tender. The diameter of the unfolded drone is 230 cm, so extra space around it is really needed. Also because of the active radar and optical sensors.

A Flight Certificate is required for this Baudoin Yacht Wash Drone and optional 2 EU Drone Certificate trainingen can be included when purchased. The set can be completed with our powerful Baudoin Ocean Aqua Force Compact 900 and dedicated mid or high pressure pump. The length of the high pressure carbon hose and required custom couplings is depending on the customers needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via info@baudoin.nl or call Erik at +31 653 49 20 99