Aqua Force Compact 900

Article number: 60.00005
Product code: BOAFC900

  • Produces ca. 900 L of pure water per hour
  • Ca. 115 Kg.
  • Frequency drive pressure pump
  • Stainless steel frame/housing 135x50x45 cm
  • Power 230 V / 2500 W
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  • Wash direct from this unit or fill-up a dedicated deck-wash tank!!;
  • Produces approximately 900 till 1000 litres pure water with ca. 5-15 µs per hour;
  • When working directly from this unit, then it is suitable to wash with 1 till 4 persons at the same time;
  • Computer installed;
  • Flowmeter for pure water indication and one for waste/brine water indication;
  • Stainless steel glycerine filled pressure gauges for front pressure and recycling pressure;
  • Front pressure pump 3-6 stainless steel. Max. 16 bar, rated flow 3,1 m³/hour (670W);
  • RO main pressure pump 1-17 stainless steel with frequencies and control E-Box, for constantly good water flow. Max. 25 bar, rated flow 2.2 m³/hour (1500W);
  • Quantity of pure water coming out of the water units 65% till 80%. Depending on water quality going in, flow rate and temperature of the water;
  • Unit requires 230 Volt / 2200 Watt. (Can also be built in 400 Volt);
  • Electra box with main power switch and unit on/off switch will be placed outside the unit LxWxH 380x380x210 and comes with 2 meter cable between E-box and unit. Cables come out at the back of the unit.

Additional Information

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