Since the end of 2023, Baudoin can rely on this fully equipped Mercedes Van, to support almost every washing job. Whether it is washing with our Baudoin Wash Drone or man power, with cold or warm pure water under the right pressure; washing a yacht, boat, windows, cladding or solar panels. It always gives a spotless and clean result.

Some specifications:
Elevated Mercedes Van with air suspension.

Wear-resistant waterproof inner coating.

3 door openings for maximum reach to all gear and equipment.

Stainless steel mounting rack for the following parts:
Baudoin Aqua Force 900
Hybrid heating (diesel and electric)
Inverter 12-24V -> 230V
880 liter water tank
Medium and high pressure boost pump
Capacity up to 3 window cleaners
2 sets of  Trend Line 45 poles
Easily convert to Trend Line 35 and X-Tend Line poles
Brushes, sponges and wipers
Accessories for hand washing
Cleaning products
Safety equipment